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Top 5 Scooters for Kids 2016

Scooters For Kids

If you’re searching for the best scooters for children, we have details on our top 5 scooters for kids available so far in 2016. Here at planet cycling, we love scooters, because they’re a great two wheeled alternative to a bike, and can help develop balance in younger children. They’re also fantastic fun! If you’re about to buy a kids scooter or are just trying to find out what features are currently on offer, the following scooters should answer your questions.

What Types of Scooter are Available?

Kid’s love scooters. In fact a lot of adults love scooters too! They make fun, compact vehicles and can be used for anything from transport to stunts and tricks. When you’re buying a scooter, it’s worth thinking about how it will be used, as this will help to narrow down your selection.

Some awesome scooter tricks!

Cheap Scooters and Special Offers

Price may well be an important factor in your choice of scooter. There are plenty of low cost scooters available that won’t empty your bank account, and if you’re buying more than one scooter to keep all the kids happy, you’ll definitely be looking for the best scooter deals and offers. Here are a few bargain scooters and special offers that are available to buy right now:

iScoot Pro

RRP: £129.99   –  Sale Price £44.99

iScoot Pro v2 Cheap Scooter

The scooter uses the “tilt”steering system allowing steering using the body weight for tilting. This strong and tough scooter is so robust it comes with a 3 year breakage warranty. Weight: 3.3kg, Adjustable Height Levels:690mm to 940mm, Wheels Diameter:120mm, Wheel Width:24mm, Wheel material:PU, Bearings:Abec 5 Carbon, The height adjustable handle means that both young and older children can use it and you won’t have to buy a new scooter as your child gets older.

The iScoot Pro is very popular for the school run, no more hanging back dragging their feet – now you will be running to keep up!! The iScoot Pro folds easily and can fit in the back of your car, on your buggy or the corner of a cafe.

Great when one child is still in the buggy and the other is not quite ready to walk “all the way” take the iScoot Pro out and they will enjoy the trip with you! Light and easy to carry it’s not a problem if they don’t want to ride for a bit you can just hook it onto the buggy!


Ultimate Spiderman Folding Scooter


Ultimate Spiderman Folding Scooter

This scooter has a strong frame and is easy to unfold to full size. Good quality height adjustable handle which is good, and this scooter is particularly suitable for kids around 4-5 years age range. build quality is good, with solid wheels that won’t wear down really quick like some other scooters. It also has a non slip footplate.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Folding Scooter with light-weight tough frame
  • foam easy-grip handles
  • printed foot plate
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Folds down easily for compact storage

HUDORA GS 205 Big Wheel Scooter


Hudora Big Wheel Scooter Top 5

If you ride rougher terrain, the stylish HUDORA Big Wheel 205 with large wheels of 205 mm feature driving safety even at very high speeds. The scooter is made of high quality aluminium and supports riders up to 100 kg. It also includes a rear friction brake and the height-adjustable handlebar can be locked with a fastener.

With a safe and easy folding mechanism the handlebar can be folded down and the scooter features a stand and an adjustable shoulder strap. This scooter is really well made, very smooth, folds up neatly and you can get replacement parts if you need. It’s definitely a model with a lot to offer.

iScoot Black Jumbo Stunt Scooter with Monster Wheels

RRP: £99.99 – Sale Price £39.99

Top Bargain Stunt Scooter

  • Adjustable handle bars (29″ to 33.25″). Inflatable 12″ Tyres for Normal & Off-Road Use
  • Cushioned Handle Bars. Heavy Duty Steel Frame. Heavy Duty BMX Foot Plate
  • V-Type Front and Rear Brakes. Kick Stand. Front BMX Cushion
  • Maximum weight up to 64kg. Suitable for age: 6 – 11 years
  • BMX Handle Bars & BMX Fork Wheels

Perfect for light off-road tracks and fairly easy to assemble, this scooter is also light and sturdy. This model has adjustable handle bars (29″ to 33.25″) with inflatable 12″ Tyres for Normal & Off-Road Use. The cushioned Handle Bars also smooth things out. There is a great platform with the heavy duty Foot Plate, and a V-Type Rear Brake. Another nice touch is the included Kick Stand.

Maximum weight is up to 64kg and this scooter is suitable for age: 6 – 11 years. With the current offer price giving a whopping 60% discount, this scoter is an absolute bargain.


Ozbozz My First Scooter

RRP: £20.00 – Sale Price £12.00

Ozbozz Cheap Scooter for Kids

A superb pre-school trainer scooter that can grow with the child. It features 4 large PU wheels provide extra balance as the child develops coordination and balance skills, and can be changed to 3 wheels and then to 2 wheels as the child gains confidence.

  • A terrific pre-school trainer scooter that grows with the child
  • 4 large PU wheels provide extra balance as the child develops coordination and balance skills
  • Change to 3 wheels and then to 2 wheels as the child gains confidence
  • Easy to use fold and lock system
  • Height adjustable with child friendly hand grips

My First Scooter can be folded down when not in use and has been designed in bright colours with co-ordinating hand grips. Recommended for age 2 years+. Comes with a small tool kit for easy assembly. Includes manufacturer spare parts warranty.

Summary of Our Top 5 Bargain Scooters for Kids

So there you have it, five of our favorite scooters that are currently available for kids, and some great bargains in that list! Whatever option you go for, it’s also worth looking at suitable protective equipment such as helmets and pads. We hope you find our list of top five scooters for kids useful, and if you want to see more details of these and other models, check out our  full list of scooters.




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