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Tips for Bicycle Care and Maintenance

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Bicycle Care

A good maintenance of your bike protects you from complications such as:
the bike repair at a pro
apply a bicycle patch because of a puncture.
Basic bike care: safety and comfort
The maintenance of a bicycle is done on several levels:
take daily care of his bike,
repair it or entrust it to a repairer,
change a wheel when necessary.
To take care of your bike, you must:
clean and lubricate after each use,
check the adjustment of each element before use.
It does not take much time, but can:
prevent accidents,
extend the life of the bike and its components,
improve the comfort of use.

Cleaning the bike: how to use it

Cleaning your bike requires a little equipment.
Cleaning your bike: the necessary equipment
Some shops offer complete maintenance kits (about $15). Choose a clean and spaced location and take care of yourself:
a jump of water,
a bicycle maintenance product,
of clean and dry cloths,
a lubricant for a bicycle,
of a degreaser for bicycle.
Warning ! The dishwasher deteriorates the frame.
Steps to clean the bike
Here are the 3 stages of maintenance of the bike:
Dry or wet cleaning
To clean the bike frame, you can use a water sponge and cleaning product: all items that do not fear water can be cleaned as well.
Instead, use a clean rag on rust-sensitive parts, rims, handles and spokes, and some stools that can absorb water.
Caution: conventional water jets and pressurized water jets can damage the frame.
All parts cleaned with detergent and water should be rinsed to leave no traces.
Caution: Do not touch the handles and brakes, they can not stand the water.
Even in the sun, it is important not to let your bike dry.
If the bike remains wet, its components deteriorate more quickly.
To remove the water, simply rub the wet components gently with a dry cloth.

Bike care: degrease and lubricate the chain

The chain may make noise when it is dirty. To remove dirt:
spray degreasing solution on each of the small trays of the rear wheel,
rotate the chain on each tray to spread out the product.
To ensure gear change, the chain must be lubricated. For it :
spray a lubricating solution on each of the small trays on the rear wheel,
rotate the chain on each tray to spread out the product,
then wipe the overflow with a cloth, taking care not to dirty your hands.
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