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Stunt Scooter Features Guide

Stunt Scooters Features

If you’ve been looking around some stunt scooter shops, and you’ve been reading some stunt scooters reviews, and you’re wondering what all those features actually mean… this Stunt Scooter Features Guide is for you. We’ve taken some of the typical features and put together a quick explanation of each one, so you can buy a scooter with full knowledge of what to look for when you buy a scooter.

Common features of a scooter


Lighter is the better, and in this case, once again you get what you pay for. If you want a super lightweight scooter, expect to pay more.

Stunt Scooter Features Guide

Bar height

A stunt scooter usually has fixed, non-adjustable bars. This makes them more robust.  A scooter’s bar height is usually displayed on the product page, with most stunt scooters having a bar height between 19 and 23 inches.

Bars can sometimes be cut shorter after purchasing, but this is not always a suitable job for the amateur DIY enthusiast, and it can be worth enlisting a professional as the bar may need to be re-threaded or adjusted to fit safety.

Wheel Size

Most stunt scooters have typically include standard 100mm wheels, however more expensive stunt scooters may have 110mm wheels. Scooters aimed at younger riders will often have larger wheels which means easier control.

Wheel Cores

Stunt Scooters under £100 typically include nylon core wheels. Scooters over the £100 price tag will usually have metal or alloy core wheels. Why does this matter? Nylon is ok for younger, lighter riders, especially if they won’t be subjecting the scooter to big jumps and landings. It’s worth noting that wheels can often be purchased separately and upgraded at any time.


The headset allows the smooth turning of the bars. Scooters priced less than £100 usually have threaded headsets, but spend over £100 and you can find scooters with a threadless headset. Threadless headsets are preferred by professional riders as they don’t compromise the strength of the forks.

Stunt Scooter Features GuideBrakes

On cheap scooters you will usually find a spring brake. Spring brakes are nice and easy to use, but can be prone to rattling and can easily be over used. Spend over £100 you will often have a flex brake.

Bar clamp

The bar clamp holds the bars to the forks. These are graded by the number of bolts they use and can range from single through to higher end quad clamps. Obviously more bolts means more strength.

Bar Grips

Most stunt scooters will come with rubber grips and are usually available in a range of styles. Lower end scooters will likely have grips made from foam, providing less grip but nice and soft for children to use.

Concave deck

You’ll mostly only see these decks on higher end scooters. This type of deck makes tricks and stunts much easier to control, and again, you get what you pay for.

Paint Finish

Since a stunt scooter will take some punishment, you want the toughest paint finish available, anodised finishes are very tough, and less likely to scratch.


We hope you found this quick guide to stunt scooter features useful. If you’re considering buying a new scooter, why not take a look at our fantastic range of scooters and special offers.




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