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How To Lubricate Your Bike Chain

After checking the condition of your bike chain , I propose to you today to see together how properly to lubricate its chain of bike .

The role of bike lube

The lubrication of your bike’s chain has two roles:

it avoids the mechanical friction of the chain on the teeth of your speed group (sprockets, rollers, etc.).
It protects the metal parts from moisture, and therefore rust.
In this picture, there are already some rusting tasks on my chain: it will be necessary to think about changing soon.

rust on bike chain

A properly lubricated chain will slide perfectly on all parts of your gear group. You will therefore gain in speed and comfort if the lubrication of the chain is perfect.

Choosing the Right Oil

There are several types of oils to grease your chain. The best known can be spray (with a sprayer), or liquids .

Spray oil is easy to apply; however, I rarely use it. The oil is often of poor quality and badly distributed on your speed group. However, it remains very practical to troubleshoot, during a long bike ride for example.

choose bike lubricant

I chose to use liquid grease . It is simpler to apply , often of good quality and you can create your own mixtures . Indeed, I use two types of liquid greases: one for dry weather, lighter and less sticky, and one for wet weather, thicker texture. The latter will tend to make more sludge but is essential in winter, when it rains often: its resistance to weather is much better.

Apply lubricant to the chain

First of all, it is essential to properly clean your bike chain to avoid adding lubricant on a layer of sludge. That would be counterproductive.

Once your chain is perfectly clean, have an old toothbrush and put your oil mixture on it .

how to apply bike oil

Hold your toothbrush firmly under your chain and rotate the pedal. The chain will therefore pass on your toothbrush full of oil . Do the same for the top of the chain, as well as both sides.

grease the bike chain

If you have put enough lubricant on your brush, just rotating the chain should also lubricate the rollers and trays. Do not hesitate to change gears and plates several times to correctly spread the oil on all parts of the gear unit.

You can also add a little oil to the various parts of the gear unit (derailleurs, rollers, etc.) with your toothbrush.

oil bicycle trays

The principle of “who can most can do the least” is not valid when lubricating the chain 😉If it is necessary to lubricate the chain sufficiently to avoid hearing disturbing noise when it is turning, it will be necessary to avoid too grease it! Otherwise, it will clog up much faster and you will need to clean it again quickly.

Finally, once the manipulation is carried out, do not hesitate to pass a blow of absorbing paper on your chain to remove the surplus .

remove bike oil

Finally, consider adjusting the amount of fat as a function of time . Wet / wet weather will require regular lubrication of your chain. You can therefore afford to increase the amount of oil.

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