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How to size a child’s bike

Kid's Bike

From toddlers bikes to a bike for children 12 years and older, choosing a child’s bike involves many important considerations such as balance, size, safety and comfort.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most important considerations. We’ll also show you how to choose the best size of bicycle for your child, and we’ll look at a variety of the typical bikes that are available.

Child's Bike

In it’s simplest form, the choice of a child bike is based on 3 criteria:

  • the age of the child
  • the height of the child
  • how the bike will actually be used

Bike Sizing by The Child’s Age

One of the first common questions is should I buy a balance bike, a bike with pedals, a BMX or some other type of bike.

From 2 years old a child can start riding on a tricycle or a balance bike (a bike without pedals).
To learn how to ride a bike “properly”, bikes with small wheels (12 and 14 inches) and pedals can be purchased for children between 3 and 5 years old.

Bike Sizing by The Size of The Child

In addition to age, size is a major criteria in choosing a child’s bike. To ensure a safe, effective and fun learning experience, the child will have to feel comfortable on his or her bike. Bike sizing is often measured in inches based on the diameter of the wheels.

When the child is in the early learning phase of riding a bike with two wheels, make sure to choose a bike that is appropriate for its size and age. Learning to ride a bike will be faster and more enjoyable for the young cyclist if the size is correct for their height and ability. The insecurity that comes from learning on an incorrectly sized bike will almost certainly slow down the whole experience and may even put the child off completely.

Bike sizes can vary from 10 to 24 inches. The child’s size should correspond to an appropriate bike size.

  • Between 85 cm and 1m: 10 inch bike (tricycles and balance bikes).
  • Between 90 cm and 105cm: 12 and 14 inch bicycles (which include the progressive balance bike).
  • Between 105cm and 120cm: 16 inch bikes.
  • Between 120cm and 135cm: 20 inches bikes.
  • Between 135cm and 155cm: 24 inches bikes.

If a child is between two sizes, choose the next largest bike size. To ensure the child’s safety though, do make sure that he or she can touch the ground properly.

How the bike will be used

From the age of 6, the child starts cycling differently. Whatever type of bike interests them, be it MTB, BMX or any other style, you can then refine the choice of the bike.

To ride in town or in the country, there are models of a more standard style of bike: low crossbar frames, with bike accessories such as basket or bag, comfortable saddle, mudguard, etc.
To ride on more uneven roads, choose a mountain bike. BMX models are rather adapted to ride in skate parks.

First of all, be aware that the size of a bike is expressed in inches and is symbolized by a ”. It is determined by the diameter of the rim of the bike. One inch equals 2.54 cm. To choose the best bike for your child, consider its size and age at the time of your purchase.

Also, a 14 inch bike will suit a child from 3 to 5 years old whose size varies from 90 cm to 105 cm.

A 4- to 5-year-old child between 105 and 120 cm tall will be comfortable riding a 16-inch bike.

From 6 to 7 years, a size of 1 m 20 to 1 m 35, prefer a bike 20 inches.

Finally, beyond 8 years (1.35 to 1.55 m), choose a bike 24 inches.

For toddlers from 2 years, the balance bike will be perfect for learning balance cycling.

However, before making your purchase, make sure that your child is comfortable on his future bike. For that, here are some things to check with him:

• both feet must touch the ground;

• the child must be able to easily grab the brake handles;

• The frame of your child’s bike must be adapted, that is to say allow him to mount easily on the saddle.
number 2
Inadequate, the size of your child’s bike can cause discomfort, but also fatigue or pain. Indeed, the ergonomics of bicycles is provided for each age and for each morphology, hence the importance of respecting the size of your child.

So do not be tempted to choose a bike too big for him or her with the idea of ​​keeping it longer. Also, avoid having your little one start on his big brother’s bike, the size of which would be inappropriate.

Indeed, in addition to the risk of discouraging him during his apprenticeship, this can also jeopardize his safety. The child must be able to quickly and easily catch the brakes and put both feet on the ground in case of a sudden stop. Too big a bike or a saddle too high will also be responsible for aches behind the knees.

On the other hand, on a bike that is too small, your child will get tired much faster during your outings and will not take any pleasure in pedaling. A saddle too low will cause, in turn, pain on the face of the knees.
number 3

Be vigilant and regularly check the progress of your child on his bike.

For it :

• Remember to adjust the seat height of the bike. Not too high, which would prevent him from putting his feet on the ground and force him to swing to pedal; not too low, so that his knees do not touch the handlebars.

Also, we advise you to adjust 5 mm in 5 mm to find the ideal height.

• Adjust the height and inclination of the handlebar to maintain a comfortable posture.

• If your bike has adjustable brake handles, make sure you change them with its morphology.

Easy to use, B’TWIN bikes have quick, tool-free saddle and handlebar adjustments.

Finally, as soon as it is too small, your child’s bike needs to be replaced by a bigger one.
number 4
If the size of the chosen bike allows the comfort of your child during his outings with family or friends, the latter also goes through some safety rules starting with the wearing of the helmet.

Highly recommended regardless of the age of your pedal, it protects the toddlers when learning the balance, but also the greatest who will indulge later to the pleasures of mountain biking and other more extreme disciplines to two -Wheels.

Choose the helmet that fits your child’s size and activity when buying a bike.

How to choose a kid’s bike

Children’s bikes are classified according to the size of the wheels. We find wheels ranging from 12 to 24 inches and we choose the bike depending on the size of the child. Once the size of the bike selected, we can linger on bike style and accessories like gears, tires, suspension, etc.


How to choose the size of the bike?

For children 6 and under, a two-step test is suggested:

Make sure the child can put his feet flat on the ground.
Make sure the child is able to turn the handlebars easily while keeping both hands on the handles.
This small test confirms that the bike is not too high or too long for the child and that he will be able to control it properly.

Bike size charter

For a child of a size of:

80-95cm: 12-inch bike and push bikes (2-3 years old)
95-115cm: bike 14-16 inches (4-6 years)
115-135cm: 20-inch bike (6-8 years old)
135-150cm: 24-inch bike (9-13 years old)
* You may choose another size depending on your child’s abilities.


How to choose the model?

Companies often offer a choice between a mountain style model with wider tires and a hybrid style with smoother tires.

A hybrid bike

Wider tires are perfect for riding in the neighborhood where there are often rock dust trails and parks where kids love to ride a bike. The mountain style bike performs well on all these terrains.

Hybrid bikes are a better choice for bike family outings because they are generally lighter and their thinner tires offer less rolling resistance.

With or without speeds?

The bicycle 20 inches and can have speeds. It is up to the parent to determine if his child is skilled enough or if his use is serious enough to warrant the purchase of a speed bike.

We strongly recommend them if you plan on cycling family outings because the speeds will save your child energy. Moreover, it is not uncommon for the child to have the heaviest bike in the family compared to his own weight. Speeds will help him climb the ribs.

Touch the ground
If the child can not touch the ground properly, this situation can make his ability to stop and start difficult, and can pose a serious threat when riding in traffic.
The all terrain
If he or she is going to make the way to the countryside or on unpaved roads, you are going to need to choose a more sturdy bike, with wide tires with a deep tread that can withstand a lot of abuse.

Once past the decisive stage of the balance bike , around the age of 4 or 5, comes the choice of the first child bike ; but in view of the multiple offer proposed, it is not always easy to decide … what are the criteria to be taken into account to ensure that his toddler will immediately want to ride his new horse and go on an adventure?

Which child bike size to choose?
Choosing the right size of the bike is the key element: the bike must be adapted to the size of the child. To make sure of the size of your bike, we recommend measuring:

The size of the child
The crotch of the child (this one corresponds to the height of the leg, an indispensable measure to make sure that the height of saddle will be adapted)
In the case where the bike is not the size of the child, there are two risks: a bike too small will discourage the child who “grind” at your side having the impression not to advance; on the contrary, a bicycle that is too big risks destabilizing your child since he will not feel safe.

Thus, it is necessary to respect the manufacturers data and to follow the advice of the sellers in this matter, as for the choice of a bike without pedals or a scooter. There are kids bikes from 12 inches to 24 inches, and even bikes in 26 inches but with very small frame sizes, suitable for pre-teens:

Child bike from 3 to 5 years old
Child bike between 6 and 8 years old
Children’s bicycle 9-12 years
Focus on safety and ergonomics on a child bike
A child bike with high safety standards

Before looking at aesthetics, it is essential to check that the child bike you choose will meet all the required safety criteria. The European standard for children’s cycles is EN 14765. Children’s bicycles must be equipped with a serious braking system and it is essential to ensure that they are correctly fitted, ideally to a bicycle dealer. specialized.

An ergonomic child bike

Specialist brands, for example the German manufacturer Puky, are working on the morphology of the child, very different from that of an adult. Accompanied by specialists such as physiotherapists, pediatricians and children ‘s homes (kindergarten, schools, etc.), they create and evolve their models with a constant concern for ergonomics . For example, the center of gravity is not the same in an adult and a child. Thus, the offered bicycles take into account these differences and adapt to propose perfectly adapted modelsto the youngest. This is not the case for lower quality bicycles, especially those sold in supermarkets or specialized supermarkets, which are simply reproductions of miniature adult bicycles, which are not well adapted to the youngest, and which are learning the balance on two. wheels.

In the same way, these specialists use studies on children’s psycho-motor development to adapt certain elements of the bicycle. On quality bicycles, there is for example a simple system of adjustment of the brake lever so that the child can easily press on it, whatever the size of his hand.

At the transmission level, the external derailleur is more difficult to handle for the younger ones than a gearbox: the latter makes it possible to switch gears at any time, without having to pedal, and even at a standstill. Other brands like Kokua have even chosen to mount SRAM Automatix gearboxes on the LIKEtoBIKE 16 ; in this way, the gears automatically move as soon as the child is climbing. It’s so much easier!

Choosing a child bike: thinking about sustainable investing
A quality child bike

As for adult bikes, our first advice is on quality : think investment rather than consumption : a bike that degrades at high speed does not encourage the child to take care of it, and does not motivate its use. Finally, a child bike is subjected to a severe test: falls, etc., so it is important that it is of good quality!

Check which material is made of the frame (steel, aluminum) and especially the quality of the components as well as the assembly . Feel free to handle the bike to see if everything works, especially braking and rolling. The slightest friction that seems incongruous must alert you and make you question the seller.

Ease of reselling a child bike:

Unlike “supermarket” bikes that degrade very quickly, and whose parts can not be changed, good quality bikes keep value over the years and can be passed on to a little brother, a little sister, or even be resold. Cyclable offers a large range of spare parts for children’s bike .

Child’s bike detail
Child’s bike detail

Choose the bike model that will suit the child:
There is no single solution and it is not enough just to flatten the size of the child with the corresponding bike size. The family context and the intended use are also to be taken into account when choosing your child’s bike. Here are the criteria to keep in mind:

Size and weight of the child : the bike must be able to be handled simply by the child, including when he is walking alongside
Age and stage of psychomotor development of the child
Sibling : presence of a little brother or a little sister who can then use the bike in turn?
Child’s experience : was he comfortable with his balance bike, can he ride a bike?
Character of the child (resourceful / cautious) : a resourceful child will be able to pass more easily on a “big” bike, whereas a cautious child will need to be reassured on a bicycle to his size.
Type of trips made : Will the bike be used for local trips with an adult on foot or for family trekking?
Puky child bike
Puky child bike

Design of a child bike: tastes and colors …
Think “long term”: by choosing a unisex bike, it will be easier to pass the bike to a little brother or a small cousin. But if your child is currently fascinated by the color red, give him pleasure and choose the bike of his dreams, it will be less difficult to adopt!

In which equipment to invest for the bicycle of your child?
On the market, many children’s bikes are presented with a lot of useless and especially fragile gadgets: saddlebags, basket, and other accessories mounted in series.

It is much more important to choose a bike robust, well designed and adapted to your use, then to add then some accessories useful to the child and which will allow him to customize his bike:

Child bike bags
Of safety accessories bicycle child : doorbell, fluorescent jacket, rays decorations, etc.
Child on bike: safety first
Think above all about safety: a child can go fast by bike, without even being aware of it, and the equipment of the bike must be absolutely safe (brakes, wheels, etc …); some serious brands, including Puky, offer more on each bike a safety kit that prevents over-accident in case of a fall (foam on the handlebars, safety handles, plastic protection of the edges of the fender, etc … ).

Wearing the child helmet is now mandatory in France up to 12 years. We obviously recommend it for teenagers. Once the habit of wearing a helmet is taken in early childhood, there is no problem after that. In this perspective, we absolutely recommend wearing the helmet at the draisienne stage. It is also essential that the helmet meets European safety standards, and what is more, it is well positioned on the head of the child. Some helmets have the double homologation “helmet bike” + “ski helmet” which allows to make a 2 in 1 investment!

How to choose a bike for your child?
It is important to put yourself at ease over a bike. A child, for example, can not handle a large bicycle because of its small size. This is why we must choose the model that corresponds to the morphology of each. For your child, the choice is even more difficult because he is just starting to experiment with this activity.

choice bike for child

In any case, here are the important parameters not to neglect for the well-being and comfort of your little one on a bike. In the first place, the size must be adapted to the height of the child. Then comes the type criterion. This is after you have to look at the technical details of the instrument such as speed, clearance of the saddle or back pedaling. Added to this are various security options, such as protective equipment.

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1 The size
2 The model
2.1 ATV or VTC, which model suits you?
3 Technical details
This is the essential criterion to take into account when you plan to buy a bike, whether for an adult or a child. Your toddler must feel perfectly comfortable in the saddle, and therefore, confident in turns as in straight lines. In fact, the height of the cyclist is calculated in inches whose thumb is equivalent to 2.54cm. For 3- to 4-year-olds between 90 and 105cm, 14-inch models are better.

size bike child

Otherwise, the 16-inch model is suitable for a child of 1.20m, the 20-inch model supports up to 1.35m, generally between 6 to 8 years and 24 inches for young people whose height oscillates between 1, 35m and 1,55m. However, it happens that some stores do not mention this equivalence which may disturb you during the purchase. Here is a table to better guide you on this topic:

Wheel diameter (in inches) Corresponding age Corresponding size
10 ” 2 to 3 years <0,80m
12 ” 3 to 5 years <0,90m
14 ” 4 to 6 years 0.90m and 1.05m
16 ” 6 to 7 years 1.5m to 1.20m
20 ” 7 to 9 years 1,20m to 1,35m
24 ” 9 to 12 years 1,35m to 1,55m
The model
As for the model, there are different models of bikes suitable for all ages. Since the bike can be used from 15 months, the child can discover the joys of the bike with a walking bike or an evolutionary tricycle. It’s a great way to gauge the balance with your feet, without the risk of tipping over.

child bike model

Well trained with a small bike, he can go on a bike with wheels. You can eventually remove these casters when the child begins to find his balance. Moreover, once he mastered the bike without small wheels, the choice will be less difficult.

ATV or VTC, which model suits you?
In principle, your little one can ride his first real bike at the age of 3 years. In this context, you can consider buying a scalable model such as tricycles with removable wheels where parents can push their little enough confidence.

child bike

After having reached this stage, it is possible to invest in an all terrain mountain bike or a VTC all way according to the environment where the child will evolve, that is to say, in rural or urban environment. In addition, the large wheels of the ATV have been designed to provide great stability on the dirt and gravel roads while the thinner wheels of the VTC perfectly fit the curves of concrete streets.

Technical details
The technical criteria or technical parameters relate to the characteristics of the bike. On this point, many aspects are to be considered to better optimize the child’s learning.

child bike frame

The frame: it is the structure itself of the bike. It must be accessible to allow the child to climb on it easily and feel free in its movements, that is to say, low and centered. Remember that the frame includes the dial and the handlebars. Thus, the child can seize them without any difficulty.
child bike saddle

The saddle: a height-adjustable saddle can accompany your toddler during his growth. In this way, it adapts easily to the height of the young cyclist.
child bicycle sprocket

Pinion: It is better to opt for a fixed gear bike where the wheel stops turning immediately when the pedals are no longer operated. It is somehow an alternative to the brake that the child does not necessarily control.
child bike speed

Speed: it turns out that a bike for effect can constitute up to 6 speeds. It is especially a way to familiarize the child with the gearshift and thus facilitate his driving in the coasts.
bicycle tire for child

Tires: to better understand when you will remove small wheels, it is recommended to use real tires. These also ensure good stability throughout the journey.
child bike mudguard

The guard mud: children like to venture on the muddy paths where the importance of this accessory. In fact, the mudguard is a protection against splashing when it passes through a puddle of water.
Since a bike is an investment, it is crucial to choose it carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition to this, it must guarantee safety to your child.

Choose a bike for a child under 3 years old
Children under 3 are still fragile to us, but we still want them to discover the world and marvel. Awakening to activities, they already learn to have reflexes that will serve them in adulthood, while taking a liking to sports such as cycling for example. It still seems a little early to put your child on a bike saddle when he is not yet 4 or 5 years old, but this is usually the right time to introduce him to the joys of cycling because his motor skills are still in full development – and then, he learns very quickly! Our main concern at this time is always their safety, because like any mom and dad hen who respects himself, we always see dangers in everything when it comes to our little one.

kids12Only children from 2 years old often enjoy cycling and discovering the world, and what their little legs can do often fascinates them. We see them laughing and having fun, and at the end of the story, we forget all the possible risks of falls.

In terms of bicycles for toddlers, a lot of manufacturers are putting a good deal of their sales pitch into the safety of children once they’re in the saddle. So if you were afraid to buy a bike for your child under 3 years old for this reason, do not worry, children rarely get off their bike at such a young age. The main benefit for you will be that your child will be one step ahead of other kids in cycling and will quickly get on a bigger bike once they have passed the 3 year mark.

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1 What qualities do you want in a bike for children under 3 years old?
2 Girls’ bicycles
2.1 The Mondo 25280.0 10 “Snow Queen bike: the most accessible
2.2 The Disney Minnie 10 “bike: the best value for money
3 Boys’ bicycles
3.1 The Hudora 10500 10 “bike: the most accessible
3.2 The Bicycle Stamp C899048cf 10 “Cars: the best value for money
4 Bikes to please dad
4.1 The FC Barcelona 10 “children’s bike: the most accessible
5 How to maintain your child’s bike under 3 years old?
6 The last word
What qualities are you looking for in a bike for children under 3 years old?
velo-child learning-woony-72To please your child and make sure he (or she) can ride a bike safely, you will need to know a few details.

So let’s start with what matters most to us, knowing that the size of your child is the most important criteria to consider in choosing the bike you buy from him. The size of the rims; it must be 10 inches (10 “or 25.40cm).

Pedals or not, depending on whether you think the balanceare more suitable for children than pedal bikes at this age, but in our case, we will continue on the basis that a bike for children under 3 years can have a pedal and be just as effective! In terms of safety, the 10-inch bikes are equipped with brakes and very often equipped with a directional rod intended to be held by one of the parents. It will allow you to steer the handlebars and manage the progress of your child so that he does not move too fast and give him the right actions to have. Of course, it will be your responsibility to buy your child safety equipment adapted to its morphology and age to increase its level of protection. Your child will not risk falling because in addition to the directional rod,

In addition to these small details, it will be up to you to evaluate the budget that you will provide for this purchase which should be seen both as an investment in an educational and entertaining tool for your child. Here is without delay the different types of bikes that may be suitable for your child under 3 years.

Girls’ bicycles
This type of bike is obviously intended for girls because they are first themed by Disney movies with as main character a princess or a female character to whom they identify. Then it will be because of the accessories on these bikes such as baskets, fenders and bells. In terms of functionality, girls’ bicycles are first designed for a calm learning of balance thanks to the two stabilizing wheels, and once in two to the directional rod (here present on only one of the two models that we present to you ) that allows one of the parents to have some control over the bike of his child for increased safety.

The Mondo 25280.0 10 “Snow Queen bike: the most accessible
reinedesneiges10p_1This pretty little 10-inch Snow Queen bike ranks as the most affordable in its class with a price under the 75 € mark. He is also the only one we offer without a directional stick. Your child will have a little more freedom than if this bike had one with dad or mom at the end. Your little girl will be able to think to use herself the handlebars, brakes and accessories provided on this little toy car: a basket and a small bell much appreciated by little girls from the age of 2 years. It is also scalable with a saddle and handlebar adjustable in height.

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The Disney Minnie 10 “bike: the best value for money
minnie10p_1This 10 “girly bike with the theme of Minnie, the mythical character of Disney will delight the parents of girls who are concerned about the safety of their child because it is equipped with a directional rod that will allow you to have a minimum control over your child’s movements. The directional rod, as its name suggests, will help you baby to take the right direction and to brake the bike as needed. With a price below 90 €, it will be perfect for your little girl to understand how a bike works.

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Boys’ bicycles
Boys’ bicycles are designed for small riders who need to learn at their own pace with a priority: the balance and mastery of motor reflexes that must be had once in the saddle. They are all equipped with a directional cane that allows one of the parents to be close to his child. There is no risk of falling because in addition to the directional rod, this type of bike has stabilizers so that the bike stays straight at all times and to force your son to adopt the correct posture for a good balance. These bikes still give some autonomy to your child with brakes, pedals and handlebars all functional, plus the ability to adjust the handlebars and saddle height to evolve with your child.

The Hudora 10500 10 “bike: the most accessible
hudora10p_1The Hudora 10500 10 “is a neutral bike that will be ideal for little boys from 3 years old. Costing in the 100 €, it is the cheapest bikes for boys of this age. It is equipped with a directional cane to help your child and assist him in his moments of doubt. It is also equipped with stabilizers for better stability. It will also be necessary to note that this bike has brakes at the front as well as at the back and that its saddle and its handlebars are adjustable in height for an optimal seat of your end of cabbage. There will be no better way to learn than knowing that one of his parents is behind in case of doubt!

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The Bicycle Stamp C899048cf 10 “Cars: the best value for money
cars10p_1For little fans of cars, nothing like a bicycle in the colors of Disney Cars movie. To go as fast as Lightning McQueen without risking injury, this beautiful little 10-inch bike is all red and has a directional rod so you can reassure your child by your presence. Your toddler will be able to learn the right gestures to have and the automatisms necessary to the good progress of a bike session. He also has an adjustable saddle and handlebars, well thought out because the little bits grow up quickly and we always want the best for them, less than 160 €, why resist?

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Bikes to please dad
This type of product is for both boys and their father, because it will be used to spend time together. It will be first because the bike will have a theme that dad appreciates, but also because the little son will be thrilled to know that Dad is proud of him and that he is at the end of the directional rod to catch up small failures. Just like the previous type of bike, this kind of bike gives the same autonomy to the child with the guarantee of an infallible stability thanks to the stabilizers but also with the directional rod. The big difference with the previous category lies in the fact that the bike theme will be more in tune with the dad’s tastes than those of the child (here with a football team theme).

The 10 “FC Barcelona children’s bike: the most accessible
véloFCBarcelone10p_1So that your little boys get to know the bike and their dads are even more proud of them, the 10 “FC Barcelona bike will be the essential bike for La Liga fans. In order to teach your child how to find a balance and to introduce him to both the joys of football and the joys of cycling, there is nothing better. It is equipped with a directional rod so you can help him turn his handlebars, brakes on the front and back of the bike, but also stabilizing wheels for stability. Your son will be the best in agility after a few months already. You will also not need to spend a huge sum for this bike since it costs less than 90 €!

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How to maintain the bike of his child under 3 years?
kids bike-sizes-22844770A kid’s bike is made from durable materials, and often with shock-resistant paint coatings, but it’s not enough for the bike to last over time, especially if you live in a wet area or your child often uses his bike near puddles or mud.

The maintenance of your child’s bike can also prove to be a fun activity for him and why not interested in mechanics later? You will see how he (or she) will be attentive to your every move when you repair or adjust your bike to the point of wanting to imitate you. You can have a good time with your toddler and make it a game.

A bike for children under 3 is generally less expensive, but that does not mean that this little bike should be neglected. Indeed, it needs to be cleaned every day and be checked often enough because the safety of your child is at stake. These bikes are generally designed to last and to withstand shocks but that does not mean that they must necessarily be abused. At some point, you may need to take your child’s bike to a professional for verification and upgrading because of the directional rod.

For cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe any splatter off the bike. Your child will love playing in puddles, so you may need to flush with water. The most important tip I will give you is not to use abrasive cleanser or to let your toddler’s bike dry in the open air. This could damage the chain and brakes.

When it comes to bike maintenance, do not hesitate to put bike grease in the chain and spread it all over the chain. This will allow the chain to have no blockages, because blockages always lead to the derailment of the chain which is always very unpleasant. If grass or dust gets stuck in the chain links, buy a bike degreaser and use it the same way you grease the chain.

The final word
0091502_CF0001To summarize, a child under 3 must be able to find the bike that suits him. This one must have a diameter of rims of 10 inches (10 “or 25,40cm) to suit a child of this age.

Other details that will only stick to you this time, the budget you are willing to invest in a bike for your little one. Pedal bikes for children under 3 are never really expensive and last long enough if you take care of them. It will be a bike equipped with a directional rod or not , depending on whether you want to accompany your child to each of his progress or if you want to give him more autonomy.

For the little girls , do not hesitate to go to the girls bikes, often with the image of princesses or female characters that your girls love, they will learn faster and will be more motivated. These bikes feature girly accessories that girls love like a bell, a basket and a mudguard. These models are available with or without directional rod. For daddy boys , daddy’s bikes are ideal for developing a bond between father and son by making daddy proud and his toddler happy that dad is present at every moment of his apprenticeship. These bikes are equipped with a directional rod. Finally, boys who want to learn at their own pacecan enjoy bikes for boys, with their favorite superheroes or in any sobriety. With the ability for children to have access to the brakes on the handlebars and back pedaling, to steer the handlebars and pedal to advance, the little rascals will also have the option to have dad or mom behind them for a bigger security feeling.

All bikes for children under 3 years are equipped in addition to a directional rod (for the most part) of stabilizing wheels to avoid any risk of falling and therefore no bobo. If your child gets on the saddle with little help, if he manages to touch the ground with both his legs and activate the brakes, he is on the bike that suits him.

I hope this little guide will have enlightened you about certain aspects that should not be forgotten when buying a child’s bike (especially for children under 3 years old). If you have any doubt, our tests are intended to bring you more information. See you soon!

Choose a bike for a child between 3 and 5 years old
Apprenticeship is the primary goal of a child between 3 and 5 years old when he gets on his horse. This is the age where curiosity makes incredible discoveries and where the world looks so perfect and ideal for the little ones. Their first concern will be to first find their balance, which is quite an art, and without stabilizing wheels can prove to be a real headache. For us as parents, besides the fact that our children can learn to ride a bike, we want the best for them, but above all we want them to have a high level of safety to prevent a fall and everything bobo. Children between 3 and 5 years old need to be able to become autonomous by bike, and therefore to learn at their own pace.

maxresdefaultAt this age where the most important thing is that our children can flourish and discover the world while having fun, learning to bike is one of the best activities that will allow your child to improve his skills. its motor assets, namely: to be able to know that such action triggers such consequence (valid for pedaling, braking and steering).

We do not really have to worry about the balance, even if it’s really one of the first goals we want to achieve when we see them ride a bike, because all bikes have stabilizing wheels at the rear wheel. For the earliest, you can begin to guide them to mastering their bike without stabilizers, but take this phase of learning with time, because it will be really when your child will feel ready that the click will happen.

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1 What makes a bike suitable for a child between 3 and 5 years old?
2 City bikes
2.1 The C899020nbasi 14 “Minnie bike: the most accessible
2.2 The Disney Frozen 14 “Bike: the best value for money
3 Sport bikes
3.1 The Dino 414u 14 “bike: the most accessible
3.2 The 14 “Red Cars bike: the best value for money
4 Learning bikes for boys
4.1 The Disney Avengers 14 “bike: the most accessible
4.2 The bike Toimsa 874 14 “Spider man: the best value for money
5 How to maintain a child’s bike?
6 The last word
What makes a bike suitable for a child between 3 and 5 years old?
file_main_image_12799_1_apprentissage_velo_conseils_12799_01_1500X1000_cache_640x360This is a question that many parents ask themselves when they see the crazy number of children’s bikes on the market. You will have noticed that there are several sizes being expressed in inches. This represents the diameter of the rims, and for a child from 3 to 5 years old, you will need to orient yourself towards a 14-inch (14 “or 35.56cm) bike.

Why? It’s quite simple, each different rim diameter is a particular size, and 14 inches is the usual size for children aged 3 to 5, which is 1 meter to 1.15 meters.

After, there are parameters that will depend only on you and your child as the budget you want to spend on this bike, and the tastes of your child, whether in terms of personal preferences (his favorite superhero for example), or its frequency of activity during the day (does it spend more than other children?). We will present the different types of bikes that correspond to a child between 3 and 5 years in order to give you a starting frame to finally narrow your field of research and facilitate your task.

City bikes
Especially designed for limited use, this type of bike will be more suitable for girls who are learning and do not have the same physical needs as young boys. These bikes are equipped to appeal to girls with accessories such as a basket, a baby seat to put his doll or a bell. Given that once they are bigger and when they have mastered this 14 “bike they will be able to move towards a more classic city bike with some more options to which they will have to familiarize themselves, the girls will be very happy to learn about a beautiful bike 14 “with the image of their favorite character.

The Bicycle Stamp C899020nbasi 14 “Minnie: the most accessible
stampminie14p_1For the little bikers who love Disney and who you would like to learn to ride a bike, this nice bike with colors and girly patterns will be the best gift you can give him. With brakes in the front and on the rear wheel, anti-slip pedals and stabilizing wheels, this pretty little bike will allow your little girl to make progress day after day. Once it is ready to roll without its stabilizers, you will have the option of removing them since they are removable. With a price under 100 €, you can please your little girl without breaking the bank, because in addition to all these features, it has the look to please little girls.

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The Disney Frozen 14 “Bike: the best value for money
reinedesneiges14p_1The official bike Disney Frozen is here. Yes, after being forced to listen to your little girl sing the songs of the film for months and months, you can well imagine that she loves this Disney movie and that this bike would make her a huge pleasure. For less than 120 €, this bike is scalable and grows with your little girl and will allow him to learn to ride well and to have good motor reflexes. With effective front and rear braking, and equipped with outriggers, this bike is designed for girls between 3 and 5 years old, and offers them options such as the presence of a basket, a bell or even a baby seat to put their favorite doll.

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Sport bikes
More for boys, sports bikes are for children who are full of energy and who need to spend as much as possible to feel good. At the same time, these bikes are hybrids between mountain bikes and BMX bikes, so your child can learn the basics to know before switching to one of these two other types of bikes. That said, these bikes fit all kinds of terrain, even if they do not yet have suspensions worthy of the name, they are usually very adaptable to different situations and in addition, their stabilizers are removable.

The Dino 414u 14 “bike: the most accessible
dino_414u_14_inch_jongens_velgrem_wit_52691For the most daredevil boys, the bike Dino 414u 14 “will be the best bike, because it will offer your child a lot of features corresponding to those of an adult mountain bike. Your son will be able, once he has learned to stand on this bike, evolve to a mountain bike in 16 “. With detachable outriggers and a variety of adjustable features for your child to sit comfortably, this bike is positioned as the most popular of adventurous little boys. With its small price, it will make the happiness of your son while making you profit from considerable savings!

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Cars Red 14 “bike: the best value for money
carsvelorouge_1In the € 100, we have to offer you the official Disney bike for the animated movie Cars. With features that allow it to be considered almost as an ATV, it is equipped with stabilizing wheels, front and rear brakes, activated either by lever on the handlebars or by coaster, as well as a chain guard to protect your toddler’s legs from possible injuries from the chain. It does not yet have the function of shifting, but it will allow your child to move to an all-terrain bike afterwards, or even a BMX bike for the more daring.

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Boys’ learning bikes
Boys’ learning bikes are bikes that tend to be more like city bikes than bikes for boys who spend a lot of time because their primary goal is to be a teaching tool. They will allow just as much as the sports bikes a change to an all-terrain bike (VTT) or to a BMX bike once your child will have the total control of his racing car. With a fender, this type of bike can be used in the garden or park and will be ideal for young boys who are eager to learn while having a bike with the image of characters and superheroes they love.

The Disney Avengers 14 “bike: the most accessible
disneyavengers14p_1The bike Disney Avengers 14 “has a form halfway between city bike and BMX, its primary goal is to help your child learn to use the pedals to keep his balance, to lead and to slow as a great . For a bike less than 115 €, it ranks as the cheapest in its class and will allow your child to learn quickly by having a bike in the colors of his favorite superheroes. It will be something to be proud of, and generally children who are proud provide twice as much effort to learn and improve. It also has a particularly masculine rear fender that gives it a touch of “ride” giving it a succinct motocross look.

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The bike Toimsa 874 14 “Spider man: the best quality / price ratio
velospiderman14_1Finding the best value for money, the Toimsa 874 14 “Spiderman bike costs less than € 150 and just like the previous bike, its shape allows it to be classified as a learning bike. After having mastered this bike, your child will be able to choose whether to ride on a 16 “mountain bike or a 16″ BMX, depending on their preferences and motivations. In the colors of the Spiderman cartoon, this bike sports red and blue colors and has removable stabilizers and a saddle and handlebar adjustable in height to be able to accompany your child in his apprenticeship until his 5 years.

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How to maintain a child’s bike?
bretzselleA child’s bike also needs to talk in order to last in time. With simple daily actions, you will be able to sustain your child’s bike, perhaps because you have other children to follow who will soon have the same age, or just simple common sense.

You will be able to use this moment to share information and tips with your child, it will become a fun activity for him and will make him more autonomous in terms of the maintenance of his bike in the years to come.

For tires that burst occasionally, if you do not know how to do it, you can wear the tube to a professional who can also make the necessary adjustments for your child to be comfortable on his saddle. If not, get a bike patch in a specialized store and once you have located the puncture spot, cover it with a patch to fill the leak and turn and play.

Before each use, make sure all adjustments are made correctly, that no bolts are loosened (at wheels or stabilizing rollers) to ensure your child’s safety. In the same way, after each use, check that everything is fine and clean your child’s bike.

The frame of the bike can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but avoid the need to wash the bike of your dog’s head with large water, because it could damage the functional components of his bike as the chain for example or its brakes. If you absolutely had to go through this step, make sure to wipe it off with a dry cloth. Also avoid using abrasive cleansers that could damage the paint or metals that make up your child’s bike, even if the materials are meant to be durable and sturdy, it’s better not to overemphasize.

Kids love to play in the mud, in the freshly cut grass and even in the puddles after a rainy night, and even if some bikes provide a fender to protect your child from splashing, the bike, he, is not spared. This can result in a chain that blocks or derails, and needs to be degreased. Get a bicycle degreaser and apply the product on the chain, then turn the pedals to distribute the product evenly on the chain. Also, you may have to grease the chain so that the pedaling is fluid. Do not hesitate to do it with a special oil and proceed as with the degreaser.

The final word
helmet-to-bike-to-childIn short, children from 3 to 5 years old need a bike adapted to their tastes and their frequency of activity . These are two parameters that only you (e) are able to determine. It will also take into account the budget you want to spend on this purchase.

In terms of the features you will need to pay attention to, it’s important to limit your bike size to 14 ” (14″) or more, because it matches the ideal bike rim diameter. children from 3 to 5 years old. Your child will be able to reach the brakes, his legs must be able to touch the ground and the frame is strong enough for your child to ride his bike alone.

It will imperatively require a 14 inch bike that has stabilizing wheels . The girls will instead be directed to city ​​bikes in 14 ” , which are accessorized bikes specifically to be able to please the girls, with a themed bike according to the colors of their favorite film or princess. They will allow your girls to learn while having fun while being in good company. Sport bikeswill be much more suitable for boys who are predestined for mountain biking or BMX, because these are bikes that allow your son to have an idea of ​​the feeling of what it is to be on a mountain bike, at level of the bike look, but also at the level of features almost as complete as for mountain bikes for a little bigger. Finally, for boys who want to learn at their own pace and have the time to think about what they will want to do in terms of cycling later, boys’ learning bikeswill be perfect because they are in the process of being all-terrain bikes (VTC) or city bike, while also being able to predestined BMX or ATV when they control their bike. They will allow your boy to ride in the company of his favorite superheroes while learning to balance, advance, brake and head like a big one.

The editors hope greatly to have helped you in your choices. Do not hesitate to consult the test pages for more information in case of doubt.

Choose a bike for a child between 5 and 7 years old
Children between 5 and 7 years old are still learning about cycling. Some children begin to perceive having stabilizers as humiliation while others still need them to make their mark. Depending on whether you have taught your child to bike early or late, the outriggers are optional but are often needed for stability. It is often difficult to make the right choice with so many options available to us as parents, with a huge choice in terms of design, price and features of the bikes that can be found on the market. We will try to enlighten you to choose the right bike for your child and for your budget.

bike-child 02Bicycles for children aged 5 to 7 must meet specific needs in terms of adaptability and must allow your child to become autonomous once in the saddle. Some children are already in control of their bike while others are just learning to balance on two wheels.

It will be essential to identify the needs of your child in terms of learning but also for the budget that you want to spend on this purchase because bikes, even if they are for children, can have a cost, this fact, it will be necessary to make the right choice which will suit you as much as it will be suitable for your child.

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1 Which bike is best for a child between 5 and 7 years old?
2 Girls’ bikes
2.1 The 16 “Loulomax Snow Queen bike: the most popular
2.2 The Violetta 16 “bike: the best value for money
2.3 Disney 16 “Frozen Frozen Snow Bike: The Most Complete
3 Boys’ bicycles
3.1 The KS Cycling Helldogs 16 “: the best value for money
3.2 The BIKESTAR 16 “: the most complete
4 Mixed bikes
4.1 The Stamp Pl250036se 16 “Planes Bike: The First Price
4.2 The Disney Pat ‘Patrouille 16′ bike: the best value for money
4.3 The Mo130047se Monster High 16 “Stamp Bike: The Most Complete
5 How to maintain your child’s bike?
6 The last word
Which bike is best for a child between 5 and 7 years old?
605024138-3-6-years-6-9-years-of-protection helmet-to-the-bikeBefore you start buying a bike that will seem ideal for your child, first take care to learn some important details to know before anything else.

Indeed, to have the best bike for children between 5 and 7 years who will have the best quality / price for you, you need to know some concepts such as what the number means followed by quotation marks. This is the diameter of the bike rims and for your child between 5 and 7 years, it will be recommended to invest in a bike whose wheels have a diameter of 16 inches (or 16 “). Because your child’s height is one of the key elements of the most important features that can be important for your child to be comfortable and progressing quickly on their bike. The presence of stabilizers is also crucial, especially if your child is still struggling to balance himself, or if it is his very first bike.

It will be necessary for you to be able to identify the needs of your child, besides the learning of the bicycle, your child is it very active or rather wise? These are questions for which the answers will be equally decisive in the choice of the bike that you will have to buy for your child.

So we decided to help you because we ourselves have been there and we know how difficult the choice can be. Here are the different types of bikes that can interest you in terms of budget and learning medium while enjoying your child.

Bikes for girls
Often more equipped with accessories, girls’ bikes are much more common. They are in the colors of princesses or female protagonists of chains like Disney for example, and covered with colors rather girly or in agreement with the theme of the film or the series represented. Your daughter will have everything to be comfortable on her small bike thanks to a basket, a fender and stabilizing wheels to feel like a little queen while being sheltered from falls due to a lack of balance .

The 16 “Loulomax Snow Queen bike: the most popular
loulomaxreinedesneiges_1The 16 “Loulomax Snow Queen bike is a beautiful little girl bike that is equipped with a number of practical accessories for children. It has stabilizer wheels and a baby carrier to put his doll and a basket to put other toys. To prevent your little girl from getting hurt, she has a chain guard in the colors of her favorite Disney movie! Braking is done by back pedaling. It will be perfect to learn while having fun by imitating all the characteristics of a city bike. For less than 130 €, why deprive it of such a windfall?

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The Violetta 16 “bike: the best value for money
Violetta16p_1Staying under 120 €, this bike will offer your daughter a baby carrier in the back, a basket in the front, stabilizing wheels and a chain guard to avoid injury. Its saddle and handlebar are adjustable in height so that it is comfortable to pedal and to take its bearings. Moreover, if your little girl is a fan of the Disney Violetta series, she will love this pretty girly bike with the theme of the series with the portrait of the protagonists of the series on the chain guard. Its stabilizers are removable to evolve with your child during his apprenticeship.

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Frozen 16 “Disney Frozen Snow Bike: the most complete
véloreinedesneiges16p_1Another Disney Snow Queen bike, but this time it’s the official derivative! It has several practical accessories such as a battery-powered lighting kit, a basket, a rear baby seat, stabilizing wheels, a fender, a chain guard, a bell that girls love and brakes in the front and back, easily activated for a child of this age. With a theme of cool colors identical to that of the Disney movie, your daughter will be happy to learn to ride a bike and will feel like a princess with her bike designed like a city bike. In addition, it costs less than 130 €!

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Boys’ bicycles
Boys’ bikes are often more like those of grown-ups. They often have similar functions and with a design resembling either an ATV or a small motorcycle, this kind of bike will be ideal for a detailed learning of your child bike to eventually ride on a bike like the big ones with speeds to pass and brakes to control. They will be perfect for learning very fast! With a design much more suited to boys in their colors, bikes for boys will be perfect for little men full of energy.

The KS Cycling Helldogs 16 “: the best value for money
kscyclinghelldogs_1For your boy, you will be able to have a bike that costs less than 135 € and that will allow your child to flourish in the discipline of mountain bikers. It has crampon tires with its diabolical look will be perfect to seduce the little boys. Indispensable for family mountain trips, it will be the perfect tutor for your child and will introduce them to mountain biking in a quick and easy way. In addition, it has a fender like a flapper that gives it a motocross look that little boys will love and they will be proud.

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The BIKESTAR 16 “: the most complete
bikestar16p_3The BIKESTAR 16 “is a boy’s bike that is articulated like a city bike. Generally, between 5 and 7 years old, kids do not really need more in terms of features. His colors will make the happiness of young boys and his straps on the handlebars will make your son proud of his racing car! For less than 150 €, we can not really complain about any gap at the BIKESTAR: it is equipped with a front and rear mudguard, a side stand to educate your child to good citizenship and a chain guard for that your toddler can not hurt himself while pedaling. It will allow your son to learn basic movements and balance.

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Mixed bikes
For families where girls and boys alternate, or for children with different tastes, mixed bikes are the ideal solution. To avoid having to buy a bike for each of your children, it will be the bike that best suits all your children provided that they are all between 5 and 7 years old when they use it. It is also the perfect solution for children with less generic tastes than other children of the same age. They are often also the cheapest, which will be a big asset for your wallet.

The Stamp Pl250036se 16 “Planes Bike: The First Price
véloplanes16_1The Planes bike will delight boys and girls. It is equipped with stabilizing castors and a front and rear braking system. In addition, it is positioned as the cheapest in its class with a price less than 90 €. With a color theme in keeping with the Disney movie, it will help your child learn to stabilize on two wheels twice as fast. Level safety, you will have nothing to fear because it has a chain guard to prevent injury and a brake system on the front wheel and back by coaster.

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The Disney Pat ‘Patrouille 16’ bike: the best value for money
vélopatpatrouille_1The Disney Pat ‘Patrouille 16 “bike is available for less than 130 €. It is suitable for both boys and girls with a style halfway between city bike, BMX and mountain bike. With its removable stabilizers it will be the ally of your child to learn the bike from 5 years to 7 years, with more than a saddle and adjustable handlebars, it will be able to adapt at best to the size of your child. It also has a good braking system and a chain guard to reduce the risk of injury.

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The Mo130047se Monster High 16 “Stamp Bike: the most complete
velomonsterhigh_1For the most complete mixed bike, we will obviously head for the Monster High 16 “bike. Not only for girls, it will also be very popular with boys. With a price of less than € 125, it ranks as the most complete of its category because it has tires with MTB crampons, anti-slip pedals with a nice saddle and anti-shock grips. At the level of the brakes, it is equipped with a Cantilever system at the front and which are activated by back pedaling at the rear. It is possible for a child to ride from the age of 4 years.

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How to maintain your child’s bike?
child bike maintenanceIn order for your child’s bike to be durable, you will need to invest in maintaining it and having it reviewed.

Maintenance will begin with daily cleaning after each ride or use, as grass or mud residue may settle in the chain and cause it to creak and roll less well. When that happens, do not hesitate to put bike degreaser in the chain and turn the pedals so that the product is distributed over the entire component. You will also need to check the general settings of the bike before each use (the brakes work and are accessible, the seat is adjusted to the height of your child, the wheels are well fixed, inflated tires, etc.), it will be also the moment to enjoy a good time with your child to teach him how to take care of his bike. Believe us, learn to the point of being proud at the end!

You will also have the opportunity to grease the chain to ensure that it does not rust at first, but also so that the pedaling is done smoothly. In case you need to clean your child’s bike with plenty of water, for example after it is covered with mud, do not use any abrasive cleaners that could damage the bike chain or frame. Also remember never to let the bike dry in the open air, making sure to always dry it with a dry cloth.

After a certain mileage, do not hesitate to have your child’s bike checked and adjusted by a professional to guarantee 100% safety. With these tips, you will have a bike that will last long enough to serve the children who will follow, or even to sell it, who knows!

The final word
child bike learningTo recap: Before you buy any child bike, you will need to consider the size of your child and in the context of this page, opt for a 16-inch (16 “) bike to suit a child. ‘1m05 to 1.20 meters in height (5 to 7 years).

Other features to consider: the level of activity of your child. If he is more active or calmer, the bike he will need will be important to his appreciation of the bike you buy him. If it is rather quiet, opt for a city bike while if it is more active, it will be better to choose an ATV. Your child’s personal preferences will also come into play, and remember that a child who loves his bike and is proud of it learns much faster!

Let’s go back to the different types of bikes and see who they are. Girls’ bikes will obviously be aimed at girls in particular , and this because of the patterns and themes that adorn these bikes, unless of course your boy likes these movies and TV series. Aside from this detail, these bikes are equipped with accessories to please girls like a basket or a baby seat to put a doll. In addition, these bikes are designed for low intensity use. Boys’ bicycles are designed for boys who are often more active and you will find two different types of bikes in this category: mountain bikes for the bolder ones , and thecity ​​bike for boy hard to cook ! Finally, mixed bikes are commonly used by girls and boys alike , because they are often from Disney films rather oriented towards boys, but not that, and they correspond to a mixed use which can be either intense, or calmer . Their pace is also reminiscent of a kind of hybrid between city bike, mountain bike and BMX, which illustrates their plurality.

Also think about the budget you are willing to put in a bike for your child. Hoping that this guide has helped you in your choices, if you still have doubts, take a look at our test pages for children’s bicycles from 5 to 7 years to have more details and the specific characteristics of each bike. See you soon !

Choose a bike for a child from 7 to 9 years old
It is important to take the time to learn before buying a bike for your child, especially if he is between 7 and 9 years old. It is still an age when children grow up very fast and many parents are afraid to buy the wrong bike for their child. Of course, your child must be comfortable, but also be able to easily access the brake lever, for example, that both feet can touch the ground and that its frame is suitable for your child to can settle quickly and like a big one. This is the age when it becomes humiliating to have to use stabilizing wheels, and most bikes for children from 7 to 9 years old do not have any, however, it is not unthinkable to add in the extent to which you find that match the bike you have chosen.

velo-learning childWith a lot of resource energy and learning behind them, kids ages 7 to 9 usually only need a bike for fun and exercise.

There is also a certain portion of children who are introduced to cycling with bikes of this size, but the purpose of these bikes is not learning, it’s really the distraction. This is the age when children are introduced to fun activities and out of school, and cycling is an activity in itself that often pleases children because it is practiced outdoors. Cycling is varied: you can go mountain biking, BMX or simply use a bike as a means of transport on paved streets. It is therefore important to choose the bike that best suits your child’s age.

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1 What should you consider before buying a bike for children 7 to 9 years old?
2 City bikes
2.1 The BIKESTAR 20 “: the first prize
2.2 The Violetta 20 “: the best quality / price ratio
2.3 The Mbm Easy 20 “: the most complete
3 Mountain bikes
3.1 The 20 “Woodworm Junior BXI MTB: the best value for money
3.2 The KS Cycling Zodiac 20 “: the most complete
4 BMX bikes
4.1 The Jago BMX Freestyle 20 “: the first prize
4.2 The KS Cycling BMX 20 “: the best price / quality ratio
4.3 The KS Cycling Hedonic: the most complete
5 How to maintain your child’s bike
6 The last word
What to take into account before buying a bike for children 7 to 9 years old?
velo-childFirst of all, it is important to know certain notions before embarking on a purchase that can sometimes prove to be expensive. It is better to inquire first and foremost. For starters, it is important to know that the diameter of the rims (the metal part of the wheels) should have an important role in the choice you make. It is measured in inches, and an inch roughly equals 2.54cm.

For a child between 7 and 9 years, the diameter that must correspond to it is a diameter of 20 inches, or 20 “. The size of your child should also hold your attention. Sometimes children are smaller or taller than their classmates of the same age for example. If your child is less than 1m20 tall, you will need to refer to 16-inch bikes. If, on the other hand, your child is over 1m30, switch to a 24 “bike to make him feel more comfortable. Your child should be able to ride on his / her seat alone without much effort, activate the brake lever located on the handlebar, and be able to touch the ground with both feet.

Then consider the personal taste of your child, is it a very girly girl or a daredevil boys? Does your child like to go crazy or take time? In terms of activities, is your toddler more adventurous, acrobat or calm? It is important to identify your needs and preferences as there is a wide choice of different bikes at different prices. Our guide is designed to help you make a choice that will delight both your child and your wallet. Here are the different types of bikes available for purchase for a child from 7 to 9 years old.

City bikes
Especially for girls, this type of bike is not used to serve as an activity but rather a means of transport. Often equipped with baskets and luggage racks, city bikes have everything for city use on paved roads with a front and rear mudguard, and often also battery operated lighting kits which classifies them as the ultimate bikes to have for small errands. We would tend to imagine them in small towns, but they are bicycles for paved roads because their tires are not equipped with crampons and these bikes are also not equipped with suspension to cushion the irregularities of the floor.

The BIKESTAR 20 “: the first prize
bikestar20_2Very girly and very accessible, the bike BIKESTAR 20 “around 150 € will delight girls. It has all the elements you need in a city bike such as a luggage rack, a doorbell and a side stand, as well as a fender at the front and rear. This model is not folding but it is very practical. With a design of hearts stuck on its pink anti-shock paint coating, little girls will see life in pink and enjoy riding a bike. The brakes available to this bike are activated by back pedaling for the rear wheel, and by activation of the lever located on the handlebar for the front wheel.

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The Violetta 20 “: the best quality / price ratio
violetta20p_1For fans of the Disney Violetta series, the Violetta 20 “city bike will do the trick, with a price of under € 200. This bike in the colors of Disney’s television series has 5 speeds and brakes on the front and rear of the bike. At the rear wheel, this nice bike has a Shimano TY21 derailleur, ideal for combining mountain bike and city bike functions. This hybrid has a front and rear mudguard and will delight little girls with its bell, basket and side stand. You can not go wrong with this bike!

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The Mbm Easy 20 “: the most complete
mbmeasy20_2The Mbm brand gets used to folding bikes with luxurious looks. This city bike, too, is a hybrid because it has features such as a Shimano derailleur and therefore the ability to shift gears with non-slip pedals. His price in the € 200 is justified by the fact that he has a large number of qualities to his credit in addition to being stylish. The shape of its frame is unique and its comfortable saddle is imitation leather. It is equipped with a luggage rack and a helmet, which is well played on the part of the manufacturer, because many bicycles are not delivered with their protective equipment. In terms of brakes, this bike has a V-Brake system at the front and rear. We will find much braking backpedaling.

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Mountain bikes
Mountain bikes or ATVs are primarily designed to ride on trails or on steep paths. They have suspensions to cushion shocks, and their tires have crampons. Perfect for introducing boys or boys missed to the joys of thrills and mountain biking for example, this type of bike is one of the most robust and best suited for use in rural areas, on winding roads and rocky in the occurrence. Rather sober and very complete, they will offer the maximum of features to your child.

The 20 “Woodworm Junior BXI MTB: the best value for money
woodworm20pvtt_1For adventurous children and thrill seekers, the Woodworm Junior BXI MTB is a good entry-level bike for less than 140 €. It has 6 speeds distributed by a Shimano derailleur, known for its reliability and transmission fluidity and a V-Brake system, present at the front and rear of the bike. With a neutral design, it will be suitable for both girls and boys because for the girls are sometimes themselves lovers of mountain biking or cycling in rural areas or on tracks. The Woodworm Junior BXI MTB is equipped with a stainless chain and an unparalleled suspension to rub the steepest paths

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The KS Cycling Zodiac 20 “: the most complete
kscyclingzodiac20p_1The KS Cycling brand often offers quality mountain bikes at unbeatable prices and is still the case with the KS Cycling Zodiac 20 “which has a large number of options while remaining under 150 € . With its rugged design and rear Shimano Tourney derailleur, this bike is the most complete in its class with a V-Brake system at the front and rear-pedal braking. With its 6 speeds and its 40 teeth plateau, this mountain bike has everything a child needs to have fun in the garden or out of mountain biking. It will make happy among the boys but also among some daredevils.

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BMX bikes
BMX bikes are bikes for urban bike enthusiasts. Beyond what city bikes offer, BMX bikes have only one speed and are intended for ambitious and acrobatic enthusiasts. In the tradition of skateboarding in a certain way, this type of bike is practiced at the skate park and will allow your child to develop his sense of balance and unleash the “rider” that is in him. These bikes have all the equipment to allow your child to perform basic tricks at first, but also balance games with the pegs they have.

The Jago BMX Freestyle 20 “: the first prize
bmxfreestylejago20p_1This BMX bike is suitable for both experienced acrobats and beginners. BMX have the particularity of having only one speed, which can facilitate the late learning of the bike to some children. In the neighborhood of 100 €, it is equipped with 4 pegs: 2 in the front and 2 in the back for simple balance games. A peg is a cylinder protruding at the center of the wheel that allows the balance of the bike to balance on wood, metal or concrete during skate park tricks – and sometimes even the “rider” puts himself even on it. This bike has a braking system V-Brake front and rear for optimum safety but also for mastered figures.

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The KS Cycling BMX 20 “: the best value for money
kscyclingbmx20_1After getting used to quality mountain bikes, the KS Cycling brand is getting into the field of BMX bikes. For 175 €, KS Cycling offers the BMX 20 “which has a very urban look and fluo. Available in several colors, your child will have the choice of colors. Like all BMX, it is equipped with 4 pegs spread on its two wheels for acrobatics to impress his friends at the skate park. It also has brakes at the front and rear. His look makes it one of our favorites.

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The KS Cycling Hedonic: the most complete
kscyclinghedonic_1With a bike for budding hedonists, but also for beginners, this BMX that offers us again the brand KS Cycling around 200 €. It is the most complete bike in its class because it is equipped with classic BMX accessories, namely pegs, a front and rear braking system and a single speed. Perfect for introducing your child to the joys of BMX, it is lightweight and features urban fluo colors and comes in many colors, as KS Cycling is used to. His little plus is that his saddle is comfortable and has shock absorbing handles. You will have enough to please your little dog with this bike!

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How to maintain your child’s bike
Maintain-cleanGenerally, the maintenance of a child’s bike should be daily to avoid big costly problems. Bicycle tires always end up breaking, that’s normal. A bike is a significant investment that we want to see last a maximum of time, it is in this perspective that it will take care regularly – more, it will allow you to have special moments with your child to clean and repair his bike.

The materials that make up the bikes are chosen to last . Between steel covered with shockproof coating, aluminum or stainless steel, all these materials are robust and durable, but the chain, derailleur and brakes are also key elements of your bike and they will require your attention to last as long as possible. For that, you will only need to identify some problems, and the question that will arise is the following: should you grease or degrease?

If the chain makes a noise, it is because it is dirty: degrease it with a special product for bike. But weekly, grease your derailleur so that the gearshift remains fluid. Do not hesitate to wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth. Avoid water as it will damage the functional elements of your child’s bike in the long run. If you must wash the bike thoroughly with water, then wipe it dry completely.

The final word
untitledAs we have seen, there are a number of bikes suitable for children from 7 to 9 years old.

The bottom line is that the size of your child matters a lot in the choice you make, but in general, between 7 and 9 years, a child must ride on a bike 20 inches (diameter of the rims) . It will then take into account your budget, and the tastes and preferences of your child , without forgetting his needs .

For the more adventurous who need to spend more than others, BMX bikes will allow them to learn the joys of this discipline with convenient and multifunctional bikes. They will be suitable for beginners and budding acrobats. A BMX will be used especially in a skate park. For the wisest who love natureand mountain biking, mountain bikes will be the ideal bike because it will allow your child to flourish in a discipline that will surely please him growing up. With the function of shifting and a nice suspension, an ATV will be the bike that will need the majority of children. Finally, for children who love cycling but who want to do it for fun and for moderate use, city bikes, especially geared to little girls, will be perfect to accompany them in urban areas. These bikes are often equipped with a basket, a luggage rack, a crutch and a bell for shopping in town or village and to be heard by other road users.

The entire editorial team hopes to have taught you something about bicycles for children aged 7 to 9 today and invites you to check out our test pages for more information. Normally, you should now be able to buy the bike that best suits your child, taking into account certain characteristics.

Choose a bike for a child from 9 to 12 years old
Children from 9 years old begin to have greater needs in all areas, including in their extra-curricular activities. Since this page is devoted to bicycles and must be informative to better enlighten you, we will talk in more detail about the most suitable bikes for children 9 to 12 years, who do not have the same needs as children more youth. With the large selection of children’s bikes available, it is very difficult to make a perfect choice because you not only have to choose a bike adapted to your child’s size, but you will also have to choose the type of bike that suits you.

As we will see, there are different types of bikes, each with its particularities and ideal audience, and we will try to explain to you the major differences that exist between these bikes and for which uses they are designed.

20-inch-webIt is essential to have some notions before embarking on the purchase of a child bike. First of all, the diameter of a bike’s wheels is expressed in inches rather than centimeters, which means that one inch is 2.54cm. It will always take into account the size of your child and his age when you buy a bike. A child must be able to easily catch the handlebar brake lever, his / her feet must be able to touch the ground and he / she must be able to ride on his / her saddle independently.

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1 What makes a bike suitable for a child 9 to 12 years old?
2 Bicycles derived products
2.1 The Star Wars Darth Vader 24 “: the first prize
2.2 The Disney Violetta 24 “: the best value for money
3 City bikes
3.1 Mbm Angela 24 “: the best value for money
3.2 The Ubi Bazam: the most complete
4 Mountain bikes
4.1 The KS Cycling Zodiac 24 “: the best price / quality ratio
4.2 The KS Cycling Bliss: the most efficient
5 How to maintain your child’s bike
6 The last word
What makes a bike suitable for a child 9 to 12 years old?
velo-child2Children from 9 years old up to the age of 12 need a bike adapted to their size to be comfortable and to be able to spend themselves, or to learn if they do not know how to do bike. What is a bike for children from 9 to 12 years old? It is simply a bike with a wheel diameter of 24 inches (or 24 “) that will be best suited to the size of a child between 9 and 12 years old. These bikes usually have adjustable saddles and handlebars because the children are not all as big as each other.

Be sure to choose a suitable bike for your child because the risks that your child runs on being on a bike that is not suitable for him go beyond the discomfort. Indeed, it would cause fatigue, pain, or even sometimes more serious health problems. Remember, your child is growing and his bones are growing over the months and years.

That being said, there are children’s bikes of this age group at all prices and for all types of children, from television and film lovers to daredevils and the wisest.

Bicycles derived products
For children who need to learn faster, there are bikes from movies or TV series for boys and girls. It will also be a way to make people jealous and have a bike whose design is pleasant, pleasant, but especially parents who are sure of their child’s tastes to make him happy for sure! There is something for all tastes and for all portfolios and they are often more accessible by offering interesting functions.

The Star Wars Darth Vader 24 “: the first prize
star-wars-bk-20-tp_3838848024189197262f-3The Star Wars Dark Vader bike (or Darth Vader) is an all-terrain bike that will suit boys who are fans of the saga. Made to European standards, this official Star Wars bike is equipped with 3 shifts of 6 speeds, 18 speeds with a beautiful Shimano Tourney derailleur on the rear wheel. This mountain bike also has tires with crampons and a braking system on the front wheel but also on the rear wheel for optimal safety of your child. In addition, at less than 190 €, why not please your child with this beautiful bike?

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The Disney Violetta 24 “: the best value for money
51FJZmNIp0LUntil the age of 12, girls are still fascinated by Disney TV series and movies. Thanks to the Disney Violetta 24 “bike, your daughter will be the most fulfilled. Indeed, this city bike costs in the 200 € but will delight a lot of fans of the series, but also girls who appreciate this kind of girly themes. With its 6 speeds and all the accessories that girls love to have on their bike such as a doorbell, a luggage rack and a basket among others, you are sure to delight your little bitch who will thank you for a long time!

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City bikes
More suitable for girls, city bikes are suitable for wiser children who do not need all the features of some bikes that can evolve on rocky terrain for example. The city bikes are intended for a less awesome use and are suitable for urban dwellers because in addition to evolving mainly on the bitumen, these bikes sometimes have other rather surprising features being intended to obtain more space in residences rather narrow compared to provincial houses for example.

Mbm Angela 24 “: the best value for money
Folding bicycle-retro-abrar-angelaThe Mbm Angela 24 “city bike is a bike that will be particularly suitable for girls up to the age of 12 because it is made for simple use. In addition, this bike is folding, which will accommodate people who live in apartments, for example, and who do not want to clutter their environment of non-folding bike. Once folded, it becomes very compact and takes up no more space. Convenient, it is located in the 250 €, a reasonable price according to the characteristics it has. Designed in durable materials such as steel for the frame and polished aluminum for the brakes, it will prove durable and robust over time.

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The Ubi Bazam: the most complete
61QBfUMVzbL._SL1100_Always for girls, the white and purple city bike Bazam Ubi costs about 290 € and is quite complete. With 6-speed Shimano Revoshift, it will ensure your child a smooth gearshift. With its sober and feminine design, it will seduce your girl and make envy around her. Perfect for use in urban areas, this bike is equipped with many accessories that will greatly appeal to your daughter such as a side stand, luggage rack and battery operated headlights, perfect for use until dark. This bike also has brakes on the front wheel and on the rear wheel.

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Mountain bikes
Geared to the daredevils in the first place, mountain bikes or mountain bikes can evolve on steep paths and have several features to get out of the most difficult situations and adhere to the steepest roads for thrill seekers. If your child likes mountain biking for example, it will be the best gift you can give him. Designed like mountain bikes, they are equipped with a derailleur and therefore the option of shifting to improve his chances to learn to off piste.

The KS Cycling Zodiac 24 “: the best price / quality ratio
kscyclingzodiac24_1For boys, this beautiful mountain bike has all the big mountain bikes. Even staying under the 200 € mark, he has 18 gears and a good Shimano derailleur, and Shimano Tourney in the back. German quality, its manufacture is robust and durable. It is also equipped with a V-Brake system at the front and rear for top safety. With its rather sober red and white design, it will also be suitable for girls if they are daredevils and like to go on an adventure because, moreover, this mountain bike is equipped with tires with crampons for a better grip on the ground.

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The KS Cycling Bliss: the most powerful
640K-KS-CYCLING-KIDS-Kinder-MOUNTAINBIKE-FULLY-24-ZOLL-BLISS-SCHWARZ-GELB-Z-70Its more masculine look will ensure your little chenapan to have a bike that has the look. This ATV has a rear fender that will protect your child from splashing at the same time as it will give a motocross fender look, which boys will appreciate above all, especially in this phase where they want to show that they are no longer young. Level safety, it has CLARKS disc brakes front and rear. With 18 speeds distributed by a Shimano derailleur in the front and Shimano Tourney in the back, it will be the ideal companion for your child during mountain biking trips among others.

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How to maintain your child’s bike
maintenance-bike-300x200It’s always more enjoyable for both you and your child to get on a clean and well-tuned bike. It is therefore essential to maintain and introduce your child to the cleaning of his bike, as well as its settings. It is very annoying to have to carry your bike to a professional, because the cost of repairs can be very high and it is never very pleasant. No one is really safe from punctures, so here are our tips for better maintenance of your child’s bike.

The cleaning takes place on several levels . First of all, do not hesitate to check each element before your child gets on the saddle, and after each use, grease the bike well and clean it. Do not start the saddle with a mild disinfectant and a microfiber cloth, go through the fenders if you have them, as well as the rims and spokes with a cloth with oil to avoid training rust.

Do not hesitate to bring a bucket of water and sponges, but do not use any dishwashing liquid or other abrasive cleaners that could damage the frame of your child’s bike. When cleaning is complete, rinse the bike well. The timing of the drying is crucial because it is not good to let the bike dry in the open air because the components of the latter will deteriorate much more quickly. Always use a dry cloth to absorb any moisture present.

Sometimes the bike chain makes noise. If it is the case it is that it is dirty. Spray a degreasing solution on the chain at the trays . Turn the bike over so that it stays on the handlebars with the wheels in the air and turn the pedals so that the product spreads evenly throughout the chain.

As for the maintenance of the bike , and to ensure your child a fluid gearshift, you will spray a product like the WD-40 on the small trays of the rear wheel, and do as in the previous case: turn the bike over so that it has both wheels in the air, and pedal so that the product spreads evenly everywhere. Remove excess product with a dry cloth.

Both adult and children’s bikes are generally strong and durable, but using our tricks, you’ll have a bike that will serve all your children as a result!

The final word
velo12ansTo sum up, there is one bike for every child between the ages of 9 and 12, regardless of their character, tastes, size, and budget.

For the thrill-seekers and the daredevils , I suggest you what is best to satisfy their desire for adventure and thrills: a good mountain bike! Practice once your child learns to balance, there’s nothing like taking family outings to the countryside on winding little paths. Off-road bikes have studded tires to prevent skidding. In addition, they are generally the most complete and are equipped with Shimano derailleurs, and front and rear brakes, but also several speeds, ideal to introduce your child to the pleasure of outdoor cycling: mountain biking.

For girls (unless she is a daredevil), or for the wisest , I direct you to city bikes. They are useful for children who live in urban areas and who need to have a physical activity that they like. There are some that are foldable to take the least possible space in your home, which is well thought of by manufacturers (the brand Mbm in our context) because in urban areas, we often run out of space very quickly , and a classic bike can quickly become bulky. Beyond folding bikes, city bikes have a few gears and often a Shimano derailleur, but they all have in common to have a mudguard and a luggage rack, sometimes even a basket and a bell that young girls love to use.

Finally, for fans of television series or cult movies , bikes are simply in the colors of their favorite program and the effigy of the character they are fans. There are all types, whether it is mountain bikes for boys, or city bikes for girls, there is something for everyone. They often have more or less speeds and a shimano derailleur (again and again!) To have a minimum of freedom and autonomy as to the actions that your children will do once in the saddle. The official bikes are a little more accessible than some others and will delight girls but also boys. Once again, their use will depend mainly on your child’s character and needs.

Now that you have all this information, I think it will now be easier for you to make a reasonable choice regarding the bike you will buy for your child between 9 and 12 years old. Do not forget that one of the main criteria to consider is still the size of your child who must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards, ie each bike will be recommended for ranges of different sizes, to know that the above mentioned bicycles are for the most evolutionable and thus adjustable at the height of saddle and handlebars.

Once you have identified the specific needs of your child and it will be in line with your budget, you can choose the bike that best suits him. Your child will have to touch the ground with both feet, he / she can activate the brake lever on the handlebars and he / she can ride alone. saddle without having to call each time, because the goal is still to be able to gain autonomy for your child! I really hope these tips have helped you and check out our test pages for more information!

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