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GoPro Bike Mounts

GoPro Bike Mounts

Mounting Your GoPro for Cycling

GoPro’s popularity means there are now quite a few people who’ve come up with creative ways to mount the camera on both their bike and their body. Creative camera positions mean that instead of just the same old video of the trail or road in front of you, you can mix up different points of view. Your only limit is your imagination.

GoPro Chest Mounts

GoPro Bike Mounts

Chest mounts can be pretty effective. Firstly they make it simple to wear your GoPro in a forward facing position, and the wide angle of the lens may also capture your hands on the bar, giving a true first-person perspective. Unlike sticking a mount point to your cycling helmet, a chest harness also allows you to use the GoPro regardless of the outfit you’re wearing, from a t-shirt right up to full waterproofs. You can also remove and store your GoPro camera quickly. Having the camera on your chest also allows easy access to the controls and display.

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