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Cycling: the benefits of spinning or cycling in the gym

indoor cycling

More intense than normal cycling, spinning is defined as an indoor cycling program , in which you ride to the rhythm of lively music, guided by a coach.

What is the advantage of the indoor spinning compared to the classic outdoor bike?

The advantage of spinning is especially winter when it’s cold or raining, and that you can continue to train indoors. The second advantage is that it works as interval training. It is a more intense format compared to road work, because it will give sustained and controllable tempo. On a normal, outdoor road bike, it is more complicated to keep a tempo because one is dependent on the terrain and weather conditions. In spinning, in 50 minutes, we can have a real session of intensity where we can train ourselves thoroughly. This type of training gives also includes faster cadence of pedaling than on the road: 140 spinning is used in the room against 90 to 100 on the road.

Which muscles work?

The buttocks participate in pedaling, which is what makes the extension of the hip. The advantage of spinning is that we work on velocity, power and strength. It is a structure of sessions that allows us to work these 3 qualities, especially during the phases of power where the glutes work. The core of the body also participates in pedaling: the abs are contracted, there is a real core workout. A great calorie expenditure is made by working the lower body, but not only the legs are working hard, also the buttocks and the full cardiovascular system.

To be effective and sustainable, how many hours a week do we have to do?

For spinning, it should be done at least three times a week. Below three sessions, it’s just maintenance. For real results, you have to train regularly!

Is there a risk of injury?

In spinning and in any physical activity, from the moment you move, there are always risks. Pedaling on the wrong setting can cause tendonitis in the knees. In spinning, it is a wheel that turns, and that weighs 20kg. With inertia, it turns on its own. If you do not put any resistance, the knee is driven by the inertia of the wheel and this can be very dangerous. It is therefore necessary to make sure that you have the correct settings to always feel a resistance that will avoid injuries. Its very important.

What food should I eat to fuel this type of training?

You just have to eat a balanced diet, and avoid sugar in general. It is important to eat well. The more muscle you have, the more you burn calories. Diets are treacherous because you have to feed your muscle by eating well. If you lose muscle mass, you lower the basic metabolism and store it right away, because you do not have enough muscle to burn calories.

What equipment do you recommend for spinning?

Pedaling can hurt the buttocks! For minimum comfort, it is necessary to protect yourself with good cycling shorts. spinning-specific bike shoes are also highly recommended, because what is important is the chocks, which fit perfectly into the pedals. People who switch to bike shoes never return to the sneakers for their training!

What are the positive aspects of cycling on health?

Improvement of endurance, fight against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. There are many benefits. You feel less fatigue on a daily basis and you maintain a better form. Many scientific researches have been undertaken to see the benefits of this activity on the body. In addition, it is necessary to know that the food plays a large part in the benefits. To slim down with this sport, it must be balanced with food.

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