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Choosing a Bike Carrier

To go on holiday or weekend, the bike rack is very useful. With family or friends, it allows you to transport all bicycles safely. Feu Vert offers you a wide range of technical products at the best price!
The bike rack you choose will depend on the frequency and conditions of use, your budget and of course the number of bicycles you want to carry.

Good to know: There are bike racks that are equipped with anti-theft systems. Some models of bicycle racks require a hitch. To choose and have your team hit click here.
There are 4 different fastening systems:
Roof rack bicycle racks: can be installed in parallel with a roof box, allows free access to the trunk of the car. the bike carrier that attaches to the roof bars allows you to keep a good view at the rear. Suitable for occasional use as the loading and unloading of bicycles is the simplest.
Bicycle rack for trunk attachment: allows to transport several bicycles without installing roof bars or couplings, condemns access to the trunk. Can be fixed with straps. Suitable for occasional use because this roof box condemns access to the safe.
Bicycle carrier suspended on ball coupling: very easy to assemble, the reclining models allow access to the trunk. Frequent use. It is the safest way to transport your bikes.
Treadmill bike carrier: practical, simple to assemble and to load, very secure (good stability up to 4 bikes), the reclining models offer access to the trunk. Suitable for frequent use.

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