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How to Adjust Your Bike Saddle


If you want to cycle efficiently and injury free, it’s important that you know how to adjust your bike saddle. A correctly positioned bike saddle makes your bike more enjoyable to ride, as well as being more efficient. The bicycle seat is the main point of contact between you and your bike and having the correct saddle height and position maximizes pedaling efficiency while reducing the risk of knee injuries. Your leg muscles are most effective when they’re almost fully extended through the pedaling motion, so getting your saddle height correct is very important. Continue reading How to Adjust Your Bike Saddle

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Maintaining Your Bike Chain

Chain Maintenance

Maintaining your bike chain will lengthen it’s lifespan and reduce wear and tear. The moving parts of a chain wear out with time. Dirt and sand in the chain can act like sandpaper to wear the chain out, and as the parts lose close contact, the chain extends. At the point when the chain becomes a poor fit on your chainrings and back cassette and derailleur gear-pieces, it starts wearing them out too. It can therefore be a good idea to replace your chain  on a yearly basis. It’s less expensive than a new chainset. Continue reading Maintaining Your Bike Chain