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Buying the Best Cycling Shoes For You

Buying the Best Cycling Shoes For You

When you’re buying the best cycling shoes for you, you’ll need to consider that there are a few types of cycling shoe available, and the ideal pair will depend on the type of cycling they are used for. There are cycling shoes for road bikes, mountain bikes and somewhere in between there are the hybrids. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to think about.

Considerations When Buying Cycling Shoes

  • Comfort. Your feet will be in your cycling shoes for the whole ride, and often that can be pretty long time. Feeling uncomfortable will not only cause painful feet, you will also lose pedal power since your mind will be too focused on the pain. To be an effective and efficient cyclist, you must be as comfortable as possible.
  • Size/Shape. The size MUST be correct for your feet, and the shape of your foot is as important as the size. Having a wide foot in a narrow shoe can cause various problems. Be sure that the shoes match the shape and size of your feet, as once you’ve make the buying decision, it can be expensive to customise the shoes.
  • Type of Cycling. As we mentioned the shoes can be road bike shoes, off-road shoes or mountain bike shoes and hybrid cycling shoes. Wearing road shoes and getting off your bike on rough terrain or surfaces will eventually damage the shoes. If you do this too often it will reduce the useful life of the shoes dramatically.
  • Price. You can’t have what you can’t afford, but there are some pretty great deals on cycling shoes, priced well below the £100 range.

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