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Advice for Choosing a Child’s Bike


It is essential to choose a good bike for children. With your help, he will learn very quickly to ride on two wheels like the biggest! You must choose a reliable bike adapted to its age and size.

.The questions to be asked
Before choosing the bike, it is necessary to ask these few questions:
– Is the size of the bike well suited?
– is the weight of the bike light enough?
– do the speeds change easily?
– Is the saddle comfortable?
– Are the wheels indispensable?

.Bicycle models
The manufacturers propose models of bicycles adapted to the age and capacities of the child.

bikes for children
The balance bike is ideal for a child of 2 years. It allows him to learn to keep in balance. To move forward, he must simply push the draiser with his feet. With this bike, the child will move more quickly from small wheels.

The small wheeled bike is intended for a 3 year old child. The wheels ensure stability and balance. The bike is adapted to its morphology. It is equipped with small playful accessories like a bell or a basket.

The bicycle without training wheels is perfect for a child who has already learned to pedal on two wheels (usually 5 – 10 years). There are ATVs and VTCs adapted to the morphology and size of the children. Several sizes are proposed.

Thebike junior is ideal for a child of 10 years knowing perfectly how to handle the two-wheeled. You have to buy a junior bike when the child becomes too big for his little bike. It allows you to cross obstacles, climb slopes and brake easily. This is the ultimate step before switching to an adult bike.

The child bike is thought to help him learn how to ride easily.

The pieces used are chosen carefully:

– frame: the smaller the child, the lower the frame and the center. The child should not have difficulty climbing on it.

– fixed gear: when the pedals are no longer used, the wheel stops rotating. It is an indispensable safety for a child who is not used to using the brakes.

– adjustable saddle without tool: the child adjusts easily according to its size.

– speeds: the child must be familiar with the shift. This will facilitate his conduct in the coasts. The child bike can consist of up to 6 speeds.

– chain enclosed: the casing protects the chain and the child. She must not come into contact with the child’s feet and fingers. Thanks to the chain guard, the laces do not become entangled in the chain.

– castors: they facilitate the learning of the two wheels. They are easy to dismantle.

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